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Karate Kommandos

September 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Chuck Norris is back and ready for action in an old way.

 The animated way.

Before he was an icon, he was a Karate Kommando fighting evil in cartoon form. Now this vintage set of cartoons is coming back on DVD to be released to the public. Watching this might bring back fond memories of other classic cartoons. Or it could bring back memories of certain people round house kicking people into oblivion. I think I lean into the former category.

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Source Soldiers

September 14, 2011 1 comment

Another great use for the Kinect has been discovered. A new cheap way to capture motion has been discovered thanks to Microsoft’s Kinect. Instead of having to spend thousands to buy expensive motion capturing software and cameras, developers can now use the Kinect to records motions. Models can now be easliy animated to match human movements such as the combine soldier shown in the picture above. Using the Source Engine, the developers of this new method have animated a soldier to wave by mapping the models movements to the movements of the person who was captured. Soon there will be a cheap way for developers to easliy capture motion.

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